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How do I charge my Shoes?

How do we turn shoes on?

Located on the inside of your LED Shoes is a charging port. Press directly below the charging port to turn the lights on. To turn off the lights, press and hold the same button until the lights go off.

Light Ups 

Price $59.99


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Super comfortable and classic style.
They light up in 7 different colors and 4 color sequences
A full charge takes 3 hours and the lights last 6 – 8 hours
Even when not lit, they look amazing
They fit true to size and you can exchange them if they don’t fit
They come with a USB charger to charge both at the same time
The battery is in the sole, so the shoes are water resistant
We use high-quality LED’s that shine brighter and last longer than others
They look incredible on the dance floor, at the mall and definitely at festivals.


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